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Opt-out App

Mobile Advertising

The SendDroid Opt-out App is a simple app that queries your device for it’s device identifier. This identifier is then relayed to the senddroid ad server, which records the id in a “no send” list. Please allow 24-48 hours for our servers to process your opt-out. We do not store any personally identifiable information during this process.

The app is not needed once you have opted out, and you may un-install at your convenience.


Some devices don’t allow installing apps from third party websites by default. On these devices, you must enable installing from “Unknown Sources”. Go to Settings -> Security to find this setting. Once you’ve opted out, you may de-select this option.

Settings | Security

Check Unknown Sources

Accept warning

Source code

If you’re technically inclined, feel free to inspect the source code of this app. You can also build and run the opt-out app yourself if you like. This should only be attempted by developers, and SendDroid cannot offer technical support for this process.

The quality of leads we've generated coupled with the conversion rate makes SendDroid a must in mobile marketing.

Ryan Kennedy of
TapLash Inc.