Advertiser FAQ

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How are SendDroid ads sold? SendDroid ads are sold on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis. Each push notification ad that reaches a user is counted as an impression. As an advertiser, you have full control which means you can set a specific CPC bid and daily budget for your campaign(s). How do I create ads on […]

Developer FAQ

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How is SendDroid different from Admob and other standard mobile ad networks? 1) SendDroid focuses solely on the Android™ platform. When it comes to Android, we know performance. 2) Developers can earn 10-30x more with SendDroid than they normally do when monetizing with other traditional ad networks. 3) We pay WEEKLY! 4) Outstanding 24/7 customer […]

General FAQ

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What is SendDroid? SendDroid is one of the exclusive mobile ad networks focused on Android™. Over 6,000 developers utilize our unique ad formats in order to increase revenue 10-30x versus traditional in-app ad networks. Our ad types include push notification ads, icon drops, and alert ads. What sets us apart? 1) SendDroid focuses solely on […]

SDK Install

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Revenue Builder

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