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Mobile Advertising


We Pay You More and We Pay Your Weekly!
SendDroids ads significantly increase CTR’s and CPM for app developers. Due to the Push delivery method, SendDroid developers will generally earn a lot more with these ads. Although SendDroid ads can make developers much more revenue than in-app ads, developers can still simultaneously run in-app ads as well with no conflicts. To top things off, we pay our developers weekly! This means no waiting around, wondering if you will EVER get paid!

Giving Users Control, Privacy and Convenience.
The users fo your applications will always have the option of permanently opting-out of push notification ads on our Opt-Out Page or by downloading our App. As a developer using the SendDroid SDK, you will have full control over who receives the ads and even how often. All of these tools can be accessed in the SendDroid developer portal to configure general settings, such as targeting inactive users, all users or even adjusting the frequency of ads. With SendDroid notification ads you have are able to monetize every user – not just the active ones. At any time you can choose to push ads to just inactive users, just active users, or even both using our developers portal and API.


SendDroid Ad Units



SendDroid Push Ads
Our push ads are delivered to the notification tray of Android devices. All ads are formatted with text, and are delivered programmatically based on user location, handset and and carrier targeting attributes. Our ad technology has the ability to determine the optional time to serve these ads to generate the highest return for your app. Generally our Push Ads generate developers as high as $7 CPM’s, surpassing the $.20 cent average most developers earn with traditional mobile ad networks.

SendDroid Icon Ads
Our App Icon Ads are traditionally displayed to users each time they download or update your app, however, you App Icon Ads can be initiated by developers anytime during an app’s session. App Icon Ads provide a great way for apps to be discovered by users, as well as earning a extraordinary yield. Generally, we see App Icon Ads generate up to $10 CPM for developers, however, developers with larger user bases will see the largest revenues.




We’re also very pleased to offer a Split SDK for your apps. Since Google has halted Push & Icon Ads, we thought we’d let Developers have the option of our Split-SDK to use the compliant Ad Units on Google Play Apps while still being able to use Push & Icon Ads on other App Stores. Both in one easy download.


The quality of leads we've generated coupled with the conversion rate makes SendDroid a must in mobile marketing.

Ryan Kennedy of
TapLash Inc.