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Content Guidelines

Mobile Advertising

Advertiser Content Guidelines

SendDroid created the following guidelines and policies in order to give our users and advertisers the best mobile advertising experience.

However, the following guidelines and policies are not comprehensive.  SendDroid may add, delete or amend guidelines and policies at any time.  In addition, our staff must approve ads prior to launching on our network. Because it is impossible to predict whether an ad is appropriate for our network, we always reserve the right to remove an ad at any time.

Prohibited Content (either in Ad or destination URL):

  • Ads that lead to a malformed landing page or grossly unappealing landing page.
  • Alcohol / Tobacco / Drugs
  • Anti or Hateful Speech
  • Firearms
  • Gambling
  • Permissible in the following countries only: UK ,CA ,ES ,AU ,DE ,FR ,IT, JP
  • Misleading or Deceptive Products/Services
  • Nudity (full, partial or implied)
  • Sexual Content
  • Prostitution (direct solicitation or implied)
  • Violence to humans or animals
  • Ads that result in an automatic download including jar/jad files.

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